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18th September 2021 

Recovery Coaching

At Recovery Hypnotherapy David Perry will support you to work with your strengths to build a resilient and confident recovery. He will use evidence based, motivational techniques to encourage you to be curious about the new skills, experiences and social connections needed to maintain your recovery.

David will offer you frequent contact initially, dependant on your individual needs. This can be a combination of hour long face-to-face meetings (at the venue of your choice) and brief, focused Skype or telephone calls. These meetings will help you to identify recovery ambitions and to achieve them, step by step.

David is a fan of acronyms and has created CREST to help you to stay on track and maintain a daily focus for your Recovery!:
Curiosity - always be curious about what is out there for you to enjoy, whether it is a new project or a walk in nature.
Rest - learn to rest and reflect and stay with how you are feeling.
Energy - learn use your energy wisely to remain focused on goals.
Solve - learn problem solving techniques to carry you into the future.
Team - build your team of supportive people who will help you to achieve your goals

David is looking forward to working with you through this important stage of your life!